Yes. Every seat, including the instructor's, must have a Professional or Premium Tier level of service. We offer the VOSON Classroom product to facilitate this, and we provide significant academic discounts based upon the number of seats purchased (see below).

A Professional or Premium Tier level of service is required for each seat in VOSON Classroom, including the instructor. This can be a subscription, a Single Plan of fixed duration, or (for students) a Student subscription.

We recommend using the three month Professional Tier Single Plan for a semester course, one for each seat. The Professional Tier level of service is usually all that's needed for a semester course.

Uberlink offers the following educational pricing discounts depending upon the class size:

  • Between 10 and 49 seats: 10% discount;
  • Between 50 and 99 seats: 20% discount;
  • 100 or more seats: 30% discount.

Contact Us for more information on the educational use of VOSON.