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Insight from Online Networks

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Reminder: as announced in our March newsletter, support for VOSON+NodeXL will be retired on 31 August.
VOSON 2.0 DataBrowser, showing network node entries as pagegroups from VOSON's hyperlink collection and analysis framework
VOSON: A web application software suite for the collection and analysis of online network data
The VOSON Data Provider for NodeXL allows VOSON account holders to access VOSON functionality within NodeXL
NodeXL visualization of the VOSON 2 degree hyperlink network
Filtered NodeXL visualization of VOSON seed sites focused on "social network analysis" plus important sites
Filtered NodeXL visualization of sites focused on "social network analysis", displayed by favicon
VOSON 2.0 complete network graph, indicating HITS authority by node size and degree category by node colour


We provide software and consulting services to help you track, measure and understand the online social and organisational networks that are important to you. We specialise in the quantitative analysis of inter-organisational hyperlink networks and the blogosphere.

Online social and organisational networks are built by humans and this simple (but often forgotten) fact is reflected in our approach for creating business intelligence from these networks. We use a unique combination of methods and associated technologies drawn from the social, information and computer sciences, allowing us to provide valuable insights into the interaction of consumers, brands and businesses in the networked economy.

If you would like to use a free version of our software, or to subscribe to a free trial of our Professional Tier subscription, please register for an account! As a registered user, you can:

Access VOSON
VOSON is located at You use the same credentials for both the Uberlink website and VOSON, which are created when you register.
VOSON+NodeXL is the VOSON Data Provider for NodeXL. To use VOSON+NodeXL, you first need to install NodeXL. You use the same credentials for both the Uberlink website and for VOSON+NodeXL. (To be retired 31 August, 2016)
Manage your
You can adjust both your Uberlink user profile and your VOSON user account (password, email etc.). Access is also available for VOSON documentation and support.
Join the VOSON
The VOSON Community Fora provide support for both the free and subscription versions of VOSON. They're also a great place to meet and interact with other VOSON users!
Receive Dedicated
If you are a subscriber to VOSON, you can receive dedicated e-mail support.