Mapping Australia's blockchain ecosystem

This coming month, Uberlink CEO Rob Ackland and CTO Jamsheed Shorish will be presenting "Mapping Australia’s Blockchain Ecosystem: Insights from Digital Trace Data" at the “Foundations of Blockchain Empirical Science” workshop, RMIT University.

The presentation explores how digital trace data collected from the microblogging site Twitter, social news site Reddit and the public Web can be used to map the blockchain “ecosystem” in Australia. This study aims to develop a methodology for providing a dynamic snapshot of the ecosystem, conceptualised as an online network of different actor types (e.g. technologists, investors, academics, corporations, government agencies) who are discussing/promoting/contesting blockchain and DLT applications in various online settings.

The research draws on data collected and analysed via Uberlink reporting services SitRep, where data visualisations are an important component. The workshop is organised by the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub and it will take place on April 18, 2019, at Storey Hall, RMIT University (City Campus), Melbourne.

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