The Uberlink team gathers in Canberra

The internet has reduced distances, by enabling instant access to information and communications, creating a shift from traditional workspaces towards online based working environments. And this is how our team works, with Rob Ackland (Uberlink CEO) and Francisca Borquez (Communications, Research, Business Development) based in Australia and Jamsheed Shorish (Uberlink CTO) based in Belgium.

Economics and Computational Behavioural Science workshop

Uberlink CEO Rob Ackland and CTO Jamsheed Shorish presented at the workshop "Economics and Computational Behavioural Science", hosted at the University of Melbourne. The workshop is part of an ARC Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Computational Behavioural Science proposal and has the aim to further explore connections between Economics and Computational Behavioural Science.

Mapping Australia's blockchain ecosystem

This coming month, Uberlink CEO Rob Ackland and CTO Jamsheed Shorish will be presenting "Mapping Australia’s Blockchain Ecosystem: Insights from Digital Trace Data" at the “Foundations of Blockchain Empirical Science” workshop, RMIT University.