Retirement of VOSON Classic interface

The VOSON Classic interface has been retired as of 31 May, 2016. On this date we switched all Free Tier subscribers over to the VOSON 2.0 interface, which has been available to Professional and Premium Tier subscribers since 2013.

The Classic interface has been a mainstay of VOSON ever since its origins as a research project at The Australian National University. It was first made available for use by academics and students in 2006 when VOSON was hosted at the ANU, and Uberlink continued hosting VOSON Classic from 2010. So we retired VOSON Classic after 11 years of continual service to researchers and students worldwide.

The main reason why we moved on from our Classic interface was so we could commit more resources to further developing the VOSON 2.0 interface and other new product lines. However, we are sad to see VOSON Classic go, and so below are some screenshots of Classic in action!

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