VOSON featured in list of 50+ social media research tools

VOSON has been featured in a list of research tools utilized in academic research. Conducted by researchers of the Social Media Lab at Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, the 'Social Media Research Toolkit' catalogues over 50 social media analytic software used in peer-reviewed studies.

The list presents diverse software tools, including descriptions and technical information on data sources, type of tool and analysis, miscellaneous features and exporting formats among other variables. Other reviewed analytic tools included Gephi, NodeXL, Webometric analyst, Netlytic, as well as other R , Python and Java based tools for collection and analysis of social media data.

Software tools are arranged according to number of publications upon Google Scholar search. VOSON is listed 26 based on the entries of the search term "Uberlink": VOSON's original name. In addition to that, we conducted another search finding about 327 academic publications that used, mention or cited VOSON, including journal articles, book chapters, refereed conference papers and other publications. For a full list of academic output, please visit the Virtual Observatory for the Study of Online Networks Lab.

The 'Social Media Research Toolkit' is a resource made available to researchers by the The Social Media Data Stewardship project.

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