VOSON used in study measuring the influence of online HIV/AIDS information sources in Australia.

The study titled "Government vs NGO influence within online health communication" explores the prominence of online HIV/AIDS information sources in Australia, including the web presence of: 1) Organizations which recommend resources and support to users e.g. NGOs, NFPs etc. and, 2) those entities which produce authoritative resources e.g. health departments, research centres etc.

VOSON and SitRep reporting services were used for the collection and analysis of hyperlink data, including the provision of rankings of sites (HITS authority) to understand their prominence.

The study, authored by A/Prof. Jerry Watkins (Director News & Media Research Centre, University of Canberra), Prof. Mark Boyd (Chair of Medicine, Lyell McEwin Hospital, University of Adelaide) and Dr. Denton Callander (Research Fellow, The Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney) was presented at the 2017 ANZCA Conference and it will be published as part of the proceedings of the conference in November.

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