New VOSON Products Available!

Uberlink is happy to announce the release of three new product offerings, to help users further tailor the VOSON experience to their individual needs.

  1. VOSON Single Plans: First, VOSON Single Plans are now available! Instead of having to purchase a recurring subscription to VOSON at the Professional or Premium service tier, users can now select a fixed term plan. These plans can be selected for a duration of 1 month, 3 months or 6 months, at either the Professional or Premium Tier level. Once the selected duration has concluded, the VOSON account reverts back to the Free Tier level (the level every user begins with after their 15-day Free Trial of Professional has finished).

    We know that having fixed term plans has been a long-standing request from VOSON users, and we hope these new offerings will help streamline your use of VOSON for those quick single jobs that require a Professional or Premium Tier level of service, but do not need a longer recurring subscription.

    To find out more, please see the VOSON Single Plans FAQ in our FAQ & Support Center. You can order a plan from the pricing page. You'll find Single Plans under the Professional or Premium Tier service level you select.

  2. Student Subscription for $25: For some time now we've provided substantial discounts for the use of VOSON Professional or Premium in the classroom, and we're now happy to extend the benefits of a VOSON Professional Tier subscription to students! The new Student subscription provides the active student engaged in undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral studies with a one year subscription to the Professional Tier for only $25 (USD).

    We hope that this helps further engage students in the use of VOSON by making it more affordable, without downgrading or otherwise 'crippling' the Professional Tier service level in any way. Further information is available in the VOSON Subscriptions FAQ via our FAQ & Support Center. You can select the Student subscription from the pricing page.

  3. VAU Packs for All: With the retirement of VOSON Classic in May 2016 we added the VOSON 2.0 Graphical User Interface to the Free Tier account that every registered user starts with. Now we're providing even more functionality by implementing support for VOSON Activity Unit (VAU) Packs to the Free Tier. If you find that the Free Tier limits are too restrictive for your particular crawl of interest, but do not wish to purchase a subscription or plan, then you can simply add a VAU Pack to your Free Tier. VAU Packs last for a month and are available in units of 100 VAU and 1000 VAU, depending upon the pack.

    You can order a VAU Pack from either the pricing page, or from your Account page.

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