VOSON+NodeXL retired on August 31

Uberlink has ended support for VOSON+NodeXL. Analysis of hyperlink data is still possible through exporting graphML format from VOSON.

For several years, and since the publication of the book on NodeXL, users of this network analysis tool have been able to access hyperlink networks generated from VOSON from within NodeXL.

The VOSON+NodeXL plugin was originally launched in 2010 in association with Rob Ackland's chapter titled "WWW Hyperlink Networks" in D. Hansen, B. Shneiderman and M. Smith (eds), Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a connected world, published by Morgan-Kaufmann. Since then, Uberlink has run the VOSON+NodeXL service continually.

As we mentioned earlier this year in our Newsletter, from August 31st, 2016, Uberlink ended VOSON access from within NodeXL. Note that it is always possible to analyze VOSON data within NodeXL, by exporting hyperlink data from VOSON as graphML format, and then importing it into NodeXL.

We have enjoyed supporting VOSON+NodeXL, and we really appreciate having had the opportunity to engage with NodeXL, which is one of the established software tools for social media analysis.

Although we are sad to end this support, we are devoting resources to exciting product offerings within the hyperlink and social media network analysis spheres that we think will be of interest to retail, academic and enterprise users alike. Keep checking back with us at Uberlink to see what's new!

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