Celebrating 10 years of Web Science Trust

On November 29, 2016, the Web Science Trust -an organization supporting the development of global Web science- celebrated its 10th birthday. During the event, key research findings of the Web science field were presented by various researchers from Singapore, London, Berlin, Bangalore, Canberra, and various research centers across the USA.

As part of the Chicago group, Dr. Rob Ackland discussed three recent research examples involving the usage of large Twitter datasets collected via Uberlink Twitter Analytics Service. To illustrate, in the Australian Federal election project, 9M Tweets were collected over one year to explore the political conversation surrounding Australian politicians.

Another example covered the recent U.S. presidential debates where Uberlink provided Twitter analytic datasets (6.5M Tweets) to researchers from Michigan State University to study democratic expectations and experiences of voters. Finally, a dataset containing 1.4M Tweets from the U.S. Presidential elections was provided to Northwestern University, to be used by Masters students in their predictive analytics course.

Other topics discussed in the panel were: Assembling Via the Web, Predictive Signals Behind Success, and Web and Disaster Response.

The event can be streamed here.

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